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Caramel Custard


Last night Pavan and I were listening to old film songs. Somewhere in the middle of getting lost in the melancholy of Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye, I realised something; both of us are growing up. Music has that effect on me – it sort of shakes me up and makes me stare into the reality of life. Sometimes I don’t like what I see and sometimes I do.


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Gâteau St. Honoré


I think I’ve declared my unconditional love for French pâtisserie time and again and well, it’s also all over my blog, but I don’t get tired saying it again – I love French pâtisserie! Every cake or pastry has a little story behind it, boulangeries are so culturally significant in France and the French have their respective bakers from whom they’ve been buying bread and pastries for years.


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