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His & Her Lemon Meringue Pie in a Jar


So, pies! What an unmitigated blessing to humankind. Have you ever watched the film Waitress? After watching her roll and tuck in those piecrusts ever so gently, and slather in some delicious fillings (Fallin’ in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie..mmmm), I only wanted to bake pies for the next few days. Of course, the love story on the side was a fringe benefit for a soppy girl like me. Delicious pies and soppy love story, what’s not to like?


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Doughmydear, Happy Birthday!


As a child, I was a wanderer. I wanted to be a dancer and I forced my mother to enroll me for dance classes. A few days went by, I started missing classes and then I stopped going altogether. Soon, someone told me that I have a great voice and that I should do something about it. I started taking singing lessons and just to prove a point to my mother I lasted a few good days but that eventually came to an end too.


After watching too many videos of Freddie Mercury playing the piano, I had this incredible urge to let my fingers dance on a piano but that never happened. And then it was sketchbooks and paintbrushes, I drew and painted like the earth was soon going to be doomed by an impending apocalypse. I somehow managed to phase out art too.



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DIY Thursdays – Lemon Curd

lemon curd


I am out and out a lemon person. I like it in my drinks or as a condiment with Indian food – a yellow dal curry with freshly squeezed lemon juice is consumed by the bucket with hot rotis just off the stove. So lemons are a necessity in my kitchen.

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Roasted-Almond Thumbprint Cookies


What goes on in the mind of a food blogger? A question I’ve always wanted an answer to. I religiously follow some amazing food bloggers, listen to what they have to say and get inspired day after day.


Sometimes, when I wake up not knowing what’s going to be my breakfast, I skim through blogs and just like that, 30 minutes later, I have a plate stacked with golden brown pancakes on my table. The word amazing doesn’t quite cut it.

Of course, there’s lunch and dinner too; there are about a few hundred tried and tested recipes of chana (chickpea) masala on the net, all carefully experimented by food bloggers and posted in detail for people like you and me.

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