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It’s a Pizza Cake!


I have taken a fancy to “cake fakery”. Yes, you heard me right. Even in something as creative and rewarding as baking, you sometimes hit a dead end. It’s similar to a writer’s block – the ideas are all there but you just can’t pen it down.


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Chocolate Chip and Cherry Surprise Cookies (Eggless)


As a baker, I have to evolve, learn and unlearn techniques (I don’t mean to sound all corporate), you know what I mean. For that, I realize I have to first start trying out new ingredients uninhibitedly.

Eleanor Ozich’s little girl developed a condition called Gut and Psychology Syndrome which resulted in eczema and mood fluctuations. That was Ozich’s clue to adopt simple and clean eating and thus was born http://www.petite-kitchen.com/ If you look at the kind of stuff she’s been able to produce with gluten-free alternatives, you will be amazed, just like me; glance through her autumn cake of hazelnut, orange and fennel seeds to get an idea.


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Coffee Savarin Japonaise

3 copy

This cake is very special to me – it brings back warm memories of a quaint, little bakery called McRennet in Madras. It was my next stop wonderland, of pastries, biscuits, cream puffs and walnut cake; ah the walnut cake!

I don’t recollect a single birthday without a cake from McRennet. In fact, before the new bakeries started hitting the streets, McRennet was the only place people would order cakes from. And no amount of avant-garde bakeries bearing swanky French names can replace the old-world charm of bakeries like McRennet.


When I was a child, bakeries were personal. They were not just a get-in-get-out place. It was a meeting point for people, for couples, and I for some strange reason can’t get this picture of a couple sharing a single piece of “green-nut” cake between the two of them, beside a large, glass window (of McRennet on Chamiers Road) out of my mind.

One of the things I would always buy from McRennet was the “Japanese” cake – one of the famous misnomers in the pastry world; Japanese is actually Japonaise (in French) and I, like most of you, believed that the cake hailed from Japan, when it is in fact a classic French pastry, well of course it is!

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