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Chocolate Pie Pops


My post today is going to be as short and sweet as these chocolate pie pops. “Are you in a hurry?,” you might ask, and “yes” will be my answer. My discourse is usually long, I know, but today I have to get in and get out as I have a long, long day ahead of me!


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“A Cure for Everything” Chocolate Cake

3a copy-0 This is the first time in six months I’ve taken such a long break from my blog. Blogging rule #1 says never to ignore your ardent followers for too long. I have been absent for a few days, I know and I have a genuine explanation. I was fever bound and stepping into the kitchen was not an option. 5a Continue reading


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Banana Pullman not-so-surprise Cake


I’ve never been quite so stressed about baking a cake before. This one brought a side out of me that I didn’t know existed. My prep for baking this cake was amazing; I sorted out the ingredients, measured them out and kept them aside the previous night, left all the equipment I needed on the counter so that I didn’t have to waste time looking for one during baking and I even finished a couple of elements the day before, so that I had all the time to assemble the cake.


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Nigella’s Grasshopper Pie


I’ve always wanted to visit a good old fashioned American diner, sit by the open kitchen on one of those tall bar stools and order a nice cheesy burger with fries on the side and to finish off, a fat sliver of pie, probably cherry pie; I just love the look of gleaming cherry oozing out of a perfect piece of pie.



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