About Me



About me

Apparently, baking is not the only thing I am into. I love posing for pictures too, in a very intently-looking-into-the-camera-without-blinking-an-eye sort of way. Anyway, I am Vijetha Rangabashyam, the person behind this baking blog; thought I’d put a name to the face above and of course, all the goodies I keep lashing out every other day.

I am a self-taught baker based in Bombay, India, who one day aspires to teach thousands of eager baking enthusiasts like me, author several books on baking and finally but importantly, own a sweet little cafe perhaps in the city I was born in – Madras, India.

My love affair with baking was triggered off by my uncontrollably, long sweet tooth! Somewhere between watching all those delicious pictures of cakes and pastries in food magazines and pastry chefs create magic in the oven, I developed this longing for baking. Watching those plump muffins and perfectly brown, swell cakes come out of the oven felt as good as they tasted. A hobby thus became a habit, a habit became an addiction and now there’s no stopping me!

About my blog

If you ever stumble upon doughmydear and happen to read any of my posts, you might wonder why almost always my posts have very little connection with my recipes. I am a writer who also happens to be a baker; other than food I love writing about the goings on of my life, my travel escapades, relationships, clothes, Madras, the rain, fantasies and anything that I hold close to my heart. The times I straight away jibber jabber about the recipe and get out, is when I really am running out of things to say, which is very rare. I often talk about tried and tested recipes but I also create my own recipes every now and then.

How I do it

I love sharing recipes with the world but I do it within a planned budget. I don’t really own a fancy camera; I take pictures with my iPhone. But I do what I can to make my photographs aesthetically appealing. I browse food magazines and lurk around amazing food blogs to get inspired. I buy little baubles and crockeries all the time keeping my blog in mind – my kitchen is right now overflowing, literally!

What I also do

I had a reasonably long career in writing. I didn’t want to put a full stop to it just because I found another passion. I still manage to write and contribute to magazines. If you want me to talk about food or review a restaurant, please feel free to get in touch with me!

Get in touch with me

If you also love to bake (or not) give me a shout; if we don’t have a penchant for cakes in common, that’s really okay, I suppose. We can always talk about food in general, books, television shows? or travelling! I love getting to know someone like you, someone new. If you have questions about my recipes, drop me a line. I love responding to baking queries. And if you have tried a recipe of mine, please feel free to send me a picture – I would love to share it on my Facebook page!

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You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Drop me a line at doughmydear@gmail.com




10 responses to “About Me

  1. Anjana

    Aaaaaaand, I shall take credit for being a “do something about it” person. 🙂 Congratulations, and these recipes look fantastic! Sadly I cannot comment on the actual recipes yet, so either you can post egg-less recipes (if it’s not too sacrilegious), or I’ll have to wait a year or two before I try this stuff in my own kitchen and you know which option I prefer!! 😛 Here’s to Dough, My Dear and a long and delicious life of baking bliss. 🙂 Much love, @

  2. megna

    pls pls… put up an apple pie recipe.. tried and tested one…..
    the last one i baked.. the crust was just too soft and would easily

  3. bhavna

    Pls mail me all details of ur courses.

  4. Tej

    Hi Vijetha! I’m Tej…..I found your blog name interesting and wanted to know the person behind it. It was heartening to read about you and your passion. I find your recipes very easy to follow, I’m definitely gonna try out some of your recipes for sure. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Hope to stay connected.

  5. Suman

    Hi Vijeytha, I stumbled upon your site when searching through recipes and have absolutely fallen in love with your postings, your rantings and ofcourse your recipes. There have been times when I spent hrs browsing through the site and finally shut down my laptop unable to decide on what to make! Please keep writing and keep baking. Ciao!

    • Hi Suman, I am very flattered. Thank you for those kind words. I’d like to believe I have a good number of simple recipes in my repertoire. Why don’t you start off with something simple?

  6. Suman

    I did try the creme fraiche from DIY and it was a success. I used to warm up the cream and use curd before I read your recipe. But that wasn’t as good as the one with buttermilk.
    From the rest of your recipes, I am eyeing the cheesecake. I love cheesecakes. Have attempted a baked lemon cheesecake once, it came out okay but have been too lazy to attempt another one. Your post made me yearn for some and blueberries are in season! So maybe..

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